Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, please check here first:

Can I pay by card here?

Yes – the minimum amount is £1. Sorry, we cannot accept American Express cards.

Contrary to popular opinion, it costs more to pay cash into the bank than paying card processing charges. Please don’t feel guilty about paying by card.

Do you sell Oranges/Lemons/Bananas?

No. They do not fit the ‘Local’ (Locally Grown) part of our ethos.

However, we will stock Seville Oranges in January/February for people who like to make their own marmalade, and Lemons just for the weekend before Pancake Day. We never stock Bananas.

What does Fresh, Local, Seasonal really mean?

It is the ethos of the shop.

Freshly locally grown, freshly picked/harvested/made, in season. The best quality and the best price for you.

Locally Grown (within UK, ideally within 30 miles), Locally produced, made with ingredients grown locally.

Seasonal – fruit, vegetables, milk, cheese only sold within the season they are grown (or easily stored). This means strawberries will only be available in June/July/August, courgettes from July to September, Sheep’s Milk/cheese/yogurt from March to August etc.

Is anything Organic? No, there are no registered (Soil Association) growers in the local area. However, everything is grown as local as possible, using as few pesticides as possible. Many of the growers use natural barriers such as fleece against certain pests.

Is this a ‘new’ shop?

No. The building went up in 2009 and operated as ‘Garden Friends’. Sue brought the shop in 2014 and it has operated as ‘Black Cat Farm Shop’ since then.

You’re never open when I call in. That’s a great shame. We are closed on Monday and Tuesday’s (including Bank Holiday Monday’s) and Sunday’s (except December). Our opening hours are here:

The shop is bigger than I remembered.

Yes – we built the kitchen/storage/work are in summer of 2017, thanks in part to customers donating money towards the cost of the build. Everyone who contributed (in money, goods, kind words of encouragement) is recognised on the ‘Wall of Fame’ inside the shop. We use the space to make all the preserves sold in the shop, baking for the shop, and running adhoc cookery classes – keeping productive when things are quiet.

I make/grow xxxxxxxxxx Would you be interested in stocking it in the shop?

Please ask Sue, but don’t be offended if she says No. The shop only has a 20 square metre selling area, so duplicates of things aren’t possible.

Where is the maze?

Turn right as you leave the shop, follow the track towards the rear of the garden centre and the entrance is on your right by the large white sign.

Can you deliver/do veg boxes?

Sue is starting to deliver a small number of boxes from May 2019, but in a very specific area. Check here for the latest info.

Christmas Orders – Can I pre-order my Turkey, trimmings, vegetables, bread, cheese, milk, cream, pies, etc?

YES! We very much encourage this, as we know you’re busy in the run up to the big day. We have everything boxed up ready for you to collect. Order forms are available from November.

Milk/bread orders – I would like to have bread/milk reserved for me regularly, can you do this?

YES! Please talk to Sue about what you would like. She will let you know which days things are delivered so that you can plan which day to collect.

Unpasteurised milk – I have heard that you can supply fresh Unpasteurised milk/cream/drinking yogurt/Greek yogurt from the Raw Milk Dairy. Can I have some?

YES! You do need to speak to the Dairy first to confirm that you understand the risk of unpasteurised milk and other products. After that we can collect it for you, we currently do this twice a week on Wednesday and Friday evenings.

Do you sell Gluten Free Products?

We try and have a small selection, but due to space issues we cannot have a big range.

Why are some of your vegetables sold in plastic?

This is only for loose leafed vegetables for portion control (Curly Kale, Spinach, Cavalo Nero). You can leave the bag with Sue for re-use or recycling. All our pots for Cherries and strawberries are recycled ones – so please return them where possible. We can also re-use egg boxes. The rest of our vegetables and fruit are sold loose, so that you can choose which you’d like, and you buy what you need.

I like your crafted items but want something in a different colour/pattern. Is this possible?

YES! Please talk to Sue about your requirements or leave your number so that Linda can call you direct. Most items take 2-3 weeks depending on material and availability of her time.

How can I find out what’s available on a weekly basis?

A post is put on Facebook each week, with info about what’s available, what’s starting and what’s finishing.

You can also sign up to our regular newsletter, sent by email. Please let Sue know your email address and she can add you to the distribution. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Do you run cookery workshops?

YES! Please ask, they tend to be in very small groups and tailored to your requirements. We can run them during the week or at weekends. Sorry, we can’t do evening sessions.

Where do your hens eggs come from? We have 2 different suppliers, but all are Large Size, Class A Free Range eggs. Our current suppliers are based in Cardington and Riseley.

I’m holding a Raffle for a group/organisation that I support. Can you please donate a prize? Sue prefers to support registered charities, but please ask. Her preferred option is to provide a voucher for a vegetable box, and the winner can collect when convenient to them over the following 3 months.